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Welcome to 24IT

Welcome to our 24IT division of Same Day Computer. “Same Day” is more than just our name. After hundreds of thousands of repaired computers, Same Day Computer is recognized as the leader in computer and business services, the very same day!

Office Hardware & Network Planning

We have a full selection of products and technologies at our disposal to make your business as efficient as it can be. From sharing files and printers between staff members in different parts of the building, to connecting multiple offices and locations together; enabling you and your staff to work remotely, on the road, or even from home.

Tech Support, Maintenance & Disaster Recovery

Same Day Computer Business Services functions as a dedicated IT support staff and works closely with your team to ensure that their goals are achieved . We are here to support you, to answer your questions, to resolve problems, and to help you craft solutions that run your business better.

Website Design, Social Media, & E-Commerce

We create websites of all varieties. From a single-page website telling visitors about your business, all the way to a world-class e-commerce site, with your entire catalog of products, a shopping cart, checkout, and user accounts. There is no limit to what we can do to achieve your vision.

Your very own IT department, a member of your team that is always available and able to solve all of your IT problems.

Data Integration and Migration

We are fluent in hundreds of proprietary software packages. Such software packages are usually designed to manage your company’s workflow and data more efficiently, but these packages are not always tailored specifically to your business needs, and don’t always talk to each other very well. That’s where we come in…

Custom Software Development

Do you have a great idea and would like to have software tools developed to make your business more efficient? Same Day Computer has a fully-equipped custom software development team geared to build you any tool or system you can imagine.

Support for Any Industry

Marinas, Equipment Dealerships, Car Dealerships, Hotels & Restaurants… we support any and all industries. We will learn your business processes and office environment to give you the best support team, tailored exactly to your needs.

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