If you have a PC computer, you have noticed for many years the familiar “Windows Key” toward the lower left hand corner of their keyboard. If you are Mac user, you have seen the “Command” key – I’m sure you have hit the key many times – sometimes intentionally to bring up the “Start Menu”(Windows) and probably many more times accidentally, while hunting for the “Ctrl” or “Alt” keys. Whether you are a newcomer, casual computer user, or expert computer savant, I’ll bet you have not unleashed the full power of the “Windows Key” as well as many other key combinations on your computer.

You mean I don’t need a mouse?

I have met many of you in our stores over the years and you know what an impassioned computer guy I am, but many of you didn’t know this about me: I absolutely can’t stand using the mouse. Yes, that’s right, a computer guy who can’t stand using the mouse. My reasoning is perhaps along the same lines as many who appreciate the efficient use of computers to simplify daily life and tasks; It boils down to SPEED! Every time you take your hand off of the keyboard to grab the mouse, it costs you about a second and a half. Then, your brain needs to transition to thinking geometrically, or spacially(where the mouse operates) – rather than in a serial, linear manner. This costs you another 2-3 seconds. And this happens every single time you go for your mouse.

How efficient are you?

What if you could cut your mouse usage down by 25% or more? You would likely save several minutes a day, and you would spare yourself a lot of inefficiency. I learned computers when the mouse was not the predominant mode of navigation, and thankfully, Microsoft and almost every other software development company has built keyboard shortcuts into virtually every aspect of computing.

You can teach an “old dog” new tricks!

For instance, did you know that you can click a button anywhere on your screen, as long as it is highlighted, by simply pressing the spacebar? Did you know that you can quickly switch between open programs by holding down the “Alt” key and hitting the “Tab” key to toggle between open windows? How about closing an open window by simply combining “Alt” and “F4.” There are so many keyboard shortcuts, we could never cover them all in this short article. Below, I have included some very popular and useful Windows keyboard shortcuts for you to try at home. These are courtesy of Microsoft’s Support center.

Ctrl + C = Copy the selected item
Ctrl + X = Cut the selected item
Ctrl + V = Paste the selected item
Ctrl+Z = Undo an action
Alt + Tab = Switch between open apps
Alt + F4 = Close the active item, or exit the active app
Windows logo key + L = Lock your PC or switch accounts
Windows logo key + D = Display and hide the desktop
Ctrl + A = Select all items in a document or window

Just ask, and we will give you the rest of them!

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