For those of you that got a call from ‘tech support’ and paid to have them fix a problem on your computer only to find that they were the problem, please keep reading!

Finally someone is doing something to help!  According to the Federal Trade Commission, FTC, “The defendants used high-pressure sales pitches to market tech support products and services by falsely claiming that people’s computers were infected with viruses and malware.”

The bad news is that Advanced Tech Support only has enough money to pay back part of what they scammed.  If you make a claim you will get back $0.10 for every $1.00.

The FTC has sent emails to those that were scammed and the deadline is October 27, 2017!  If you didn’t get an email and think you should have please contact the FTC by phone at (877)793-0908 or at

A word of warning, there are more scammers that are calling claiming to be from the government and will help you file your claim for a fee.  The FTC will never ask you to pay a fee!

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