Passwords are something we have gone over but we haven’t told you how a hacker can get your password.  There are a few ways.

There is the old school way of sitting at a computer and guessing.  That isn’t how most hackers do it. They have an algorithm program that guesses passwords.  It goes through most common words, then all the words.  After that, the program adds numbers to the combination, then symbols.  These programs can sometimes do over 300 billion combinations in one minute!  Eventually, something gives… if you have a good password, it’s the hacker!

We have discussed strong passwords before.  It’s difficult to remember a password that has numbers and symbols, but there is another way.

You can use a passphrase.
That would be three or four random words, no numbers, no symbols.  It might look like: ‘novemberjulietfoxtrot’.

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