This email was received by one of our techs here.


It’s a complete scam!

How to tell?
1:  Their email ends in ‘’
2:  Subject line has irrelevant letters at the end
3:  It is addressed to ‘member’
4:  The message doesn’t make a lot of sense.
5:  If you hover over the link the page that it’s going to send you to is:  — that’s not even a bank!
6:  Has your bank given you a deadline for something like this?
7:  There is a typo in the second to last sentence.  Maybe they’re hoping this will make it look good to you.

What to do if you get this:
1:  Don’t click on the link
2:  If this is your bank, contact them!
3:  Finally, mark it as spam or junk in your email!

And as always, if we can be of assistance, please feel free to give us a call at 603-524-1400, email us at, or link up with one of our technicians on live chat at!

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