This time of the year a lot of us travel for one reason or another; mostly to see family that is far away. We want to keep our data safe while traveling so what do we do?

Best ways to keep your data safe:
1:  If you don’t need your tablet or computer while traveling, leave it home!

This might be a little scary but it’s the best way to protect your data.  If you have to take it with you, back up your data and leave your important data home and wipe the gadget before you leave!
2:  Be careful about where you are surfing the web!
Make sure that you have a secure network and that the sites you visit are legitimate sites.

3:  Turn off your Bluetooth and Wi-Fi – they are always searching for networks!
4:  Make sure you have a password on your gadget during the trip.  You can always take it off later if you want
5:  Lastly, make sure that the operating system on your gadget is up to date.

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