The first appearance of Jaff ransomware appeared in May 2017 and getting stronger.  This particular rasomware is delivered through emails.

The email will have a subject line similar to:

PDF_{four or more digits}

Scan_{four or more digits}

File_{four or more digits}

Copy_{four or more digits}

Document_{four or more digits}

Receipt to print

If you open the attachment your system will slowly start to be encrypted with all of your files ending in .jaff.

Then you will get a ransom note that looks like this:

How to protect yourself against Ransomware:
1:  Don’t open attachments from unknown senders
2:  Back up your data on a regular basis and unplug your back up when you don’t need it!
3:  Don’t enable macros on your computer
4:  Have an anti-virus installed and up-to-date

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