The FBI recently announced that cybercriminals are more active now than ever before.  They estimate that consumers have paid close to $15 million in 2017 alone to illegitimate ‘Tech Help’ companies.  That is an increase of 86 percent from 2016!

How does this happen? And what can you do?
1:  Phone calls.
Cybercriminals use scare tactics on the phone to make you think there’s a problem with your computer and offer to fix it if you give them access.
If get a call from someone you don’t know, don’t answer or hang up!
2:  Search Engine Advertising.
When you search online for technical help, there are lots of companies to pick from, many of them aren’t legitimate.
Do research before committing to any tech services.
3:  Pop-up Messages.
These are probably the most annoying!  They show up out of nowhere and lock your computer screen!
If you get pop-ups, turn your computer off immediately and unplug the power source and bring it to us!

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