Like most other malware, this particular one comes in the form of a phishing email with an attachment!

Beware of the following subject line in any email – even if you ‘know’ the sender:
Document #<NUMBERS>
Invoice #<NUMBERS>
Order #<NUMBERS>
Payment #<NUMBERS>
Payment Invoice #<NUMBERS>
Ticket #<NUMBERS>
Your Document #<NUMBERS>
Your Order #<NUMBERS>
Your Ticket #<NUMBERS>

The attachment will be the same with a .zip at the end of it. Hackers may be smart but they aren’t very imaginative.

If you open the attachment it will download and start encrypting your entire computer!

What can you do?
1:  Be careful about the attachments in your email.  If it doesn’t look right, don’t open it!
2:  Make sure you have an anti-virus installed and it’s up-to-date!

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