In an attempt to fix the problems that arose with Cambridge Analytica, Facebook has been auditing all of the apps on their site.  During this audit they uncovered another leak!  The total number of people affected is over 3 million!

‘MyPersonality’ quizzes has been leaking your information for years.  It was created by (guess who?) The University of Cambridge – again.

‘MyPersonality’ quizzes allowed Facebook users to take a real psychological test and get the results almost immediately through the app.

What data was leaked?
Relationship Status
Personality Test Results

What can you do?
1:  Change the settings on your account.  Go to the carrot in the upper right hand corner, select settings and then Apps & Websites.  There you can see exactly what apps have access to your information and you can change those settings.
2:  You could delete your Facebook account altogether.

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