Zacinlo is an adware that is downloaded with S5Mark VPN service.  It is a secondary download, meaning that it’s an add-on option that accompanies a free software download.

What you need to know about Zacinlo?

1:  It has been around since 2012.

2:  90% of computers infected with it are Windows 10 machines

3:  It’s a root kit virus, meaning it can destroy your operating system

4:  It can take screen shots of everything you work on, including bank accounts!

5:  It can open multiple browser sessions at once, providing income when it starts clicking on ads.

What you can do?

1:  Make sure that any software you are downloading is legitimate

2:  Read the fine print

3:  If there is a secondary download offered, do research before downloading it

4:  Don’t download s5Mark!

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