While this is just one out of the scammers out there, it’s important to note!  The “tech support” companies, Genius Technologies and Avangatee, created by Parmit Singh Brar have been fined over $7.5 million by the FTC, Federal Trade Commission, and have been banned from “advertising, marketing, promoting, or offering for the sale of Technical Support Services.”

These companies operated by calling individuals and telling them that there were problems on their computers and they needed to have access to ‘fix’ it.  But, instead of fixing it, they downloaded viruses onto computers and charged for it!

While one person isn’t a huge change, it’s a start and it shows that the FTC is working on this particular problem!

What you can do?

If you get one of these calls, whether you pay for the ‘services’ or not, contact the FTC to report it!

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