We did a blog on computer Cryptojacking in June, now hackers have focused on phones.

BitCoin mining is difficult to do and uses a lot of power. Cryptojackers are sneaking apps into phones thru websites with JavaScript.

Once the apps are on your phone they work in the background using all of your available data and processing power for mining bitcoins.

Signs you have been CryptoJacked:

1:  Your phone is slow

2:  And exceedingly hot!

3:  Data usage is way up compared to what is normal for you.

How to protect your phone:

1:  Only download apps from the play store!

2:  If an app asks for excessive permissions, don’t put it on your phone.

3:  If you see a message saying that you need to “install and update your video plug-ins,” don’t do it! This is how a lot of hackers get in!

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