Hackers have been hijacking browsers for a long time!  They do this to change your home page, making it redirect you to their server.  After that, they can make you see pop up ads, track your movements online, or even put a keylogger on your browser and steal your sensitive banking information.

Signs that you have been hijacked:

  • Tech support alerts
  • Browser toolbars that you didn’t instal
  • Web pages are slow
  • Ad popups constantly interrupt videos
  • Search results redirect you to strange websites
  • Unwanted ads, links and banners appear on all the websites you visit

How do they get onto your browser?

Most times hijackers get where they want to be from “free” add-ons or browser extensions.   Some known browser hijackers:

  • Prizemediayou
  • Babylon Toolbar
  • Ask Toolbar
  • Coupon Server
  • CouponAlerts
  • CoolWebSearch
  • MyStart.IncrediBar Search
  • RocketTab

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