Those that upgraded their iPhones to the new iOS 12 have been discovering that the iMessage is now merging their contacts.  However, it doesn’t seem to be working correctly.

It seems that all messages from one Apple ID are being merged, regardless of who uses the ID.  So if your whole family uses the same Apple ID their messages are being mixed together.

This makes it difficult to tell who is sending a message and even worse, who you are sending a message to!

It seems this is Apple’s way of making everyone have their own Apple ID, which a lot of people don’t because they want to share an app, video or some music with others.

Apple does offer a Family Sharing feature which will allow you to share with up to 6 people but everyone has to have their own Apple ID in order to be in this group.

*Note:  There are some users who are experiencing this problem with it not being related to Apple ID’s.

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