Banks have started letting people use their phones to withdraw money from ATMS instead of a card.  That’s convenient, isn’t it?

As with any new technology, hackers have jumped at finding ways to exploit it.

The Scam?

Hackers will send you a text from “your bank” saying that your bank account has been locked.  They give you a link to unlock it.

You put in all your credentials and it goes straight to the hacker, who then logs in as you.  They add their phone number to your account and then withdraw all your money using a cardless ATM.

How to protect yourself:

If you get a text or email from your bank, contact them directly, don’t go thru the link or call the phone number provided.

A bank will never ask you to reveal all of your details!

Take your time to decide.  If your bank account is frozen, who care if it stays that way for 10 extra minutes?

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