We all have that friend (or maybe we are that friend) that is always taking quizzes and posting the results on social media.

Some hackers have started using quizzes instead of threats to get what they want.

Hackers are hoping that our curiosity and love of freebies rather than threats will get better results.  After all, the quizzes look innocent enough and fun.

However, recent research has shown that these quizzes are phishing tactics.

Each quiz has three factors:

1:  They show someone that has won the prize.

2:  They use a trusted logo or brand.

3:  And, there is always a sense of urgency.  For instance, there’s only 3 prizes left, claim yours now!

Which quizzes are scams?

Since it’s difficult to tell which ones are scams and which ones aren’t, we recommend passing on all of them.

Remember that the Data Analytica breach was started with a quiz.

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