At times it’s difficult to know which site is good to click on and which ones aren’t.  What happens if you click on a bad site and get hacked?

How can you tell?

1:  Device slows down suddenly.

We are talking about a huge slowdown that happens overnight!

2:  Data usage goes up.

This is when you haven’t changed anything but your data use goes way up.

3:  Website and videos are taking forever to load or your apps just closing by themselves.

4:  Pop-up ads start appearing

5:  Your device does things all by itself, including restarting.

How to protect yourself:

1:  Keep your software up-to-date.

2:  Make sure that you have an antivirus installed.

3:  Think before clicking.  Hackers like spontaneous people because they think less about what they click on.

4:  Make sure that you have strong passwords and two factor authentication, if available.

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