While using the Goolge Play Store is still the best way to get apps on your phone, some malicious ones still slip through every once in a while.  Google is good at finding them but sometimes not before they have been downloaded by thousands!

These photo apps have recently been removed from the Google Play Store and if you downloaded them onto your phone you should delete them immediately!

List of apps:

  • Art Editor
  • Art Effect
  • Art Effects for Photo
  • Art Filter
  • Art Filter Photo
  • Art Filter Photo Editor
  • Art Filter Photo Effcts
  • ArtFlipPhotoEditing
  • Artistic effect Filter
  • Awesome Cartoon Art
  • Beauty Camera
  • Cartoon Art Photo
  • Cartoon Art Photo Filter
  • Cartoon Effect
  • Cartoon Photo Filter
  • Emoji Camera
  • Fill Art Photo Editor
  • Horizon Beauty Camera
  • Magic Art Filter Photo Editor
  • Photo Art Effect
  • Photo Editor
  • Pixture
  • Prizma Photo Effect
  • Pro Camera Beauty
  • Selfie Camera Pro
  • Super Camera
  • Wallpapers HD

Before downloading:

Always check the reviews.  Not everyone likes every app!

As you download an app it will ask for permissions.  If it’s asking for things it doesn’t need, cancel the download.

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