Facebook is always a target for hackers due to the amount of people using it.

The latest phishing scam is difficult to recognize.

Hackers created their own “Log in With Facebook” pop-up window.  It is almost an exact clone of the login screen you get when a page give you the option to log in using Facebook.

How can you tell if it’s legitimate?

There are two ways to tell if the pop-up is legitimate.

1:  If you have your password save it will automatically fill itself into the new window; if it doesn’t fill in it’s not real.

2:  Try to move the pop-up window out of the browser screen.  If it won’t go all the way or the edges remain on the browser, it’s malicious.

A real pop-up screen will be able to be dragged anywhere you want.

What to do if you already filled in the pop-up:

Go into your Facebook settings and log out of all the devices that you are logged into and then change your password.

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