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“I’m really happy I’ve found an IT provider that does it all under one roof- it’s a huge weight off my shoulders.”

-Greg C, Publishing CEO

Welcome to the 24IT Technologies division at Same Day Computer.

A passion for technology and an obsession with customer satisfaction brought us here!

Same Day Computer and 24IT Technologies were founded by Josh Youssef in 2003 upon the idea that users who depend on technology should not be forced to wait for their technology to work!  “Same Day” is more than just our name.  Over nearly 20 years, and hundreds of thousands of IT service instances, Same Day Computer is recognized as the leader in computer and business services, the very same day!

Our 24IT Technologies division specializes in serving businesses large and small, from one computer, to hundreds of employees and workstations across multiple locations. Of course, companies of different sizes and complexities need solutions tailored to their specific needs, and that is precisely our specialty.

We are a great choice for small and medium businesses that may not be able to justify the expense of a full in-house IT department, but that need the support of a dedicated IT staff. We function as your very own IT department – a member of your team that is always available and able to solve all of your IT problems.

Larger businesses enjoy our executive consulting and strategic planning services. Our consultants work closely with your leadership to develop, design, implement, and audit the technology path of your business. We ensure that it is concise, efficient, and secure, and that you are leveraging the full spectrum of systems available to take your business to the top and keep you there.

With Same Day Computer, you can provide your entire staff direct access to telephone, live chat, remote, and onsite support. We have multiple locations and mobile IT support units, so when you need assistance, you can be assured that you will receive it fast.

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