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Data integration consulting.

Same Day Computer has decades of combined experience consulting for businesses across many industries, professions and spaces. We recognize the need to share and synchronize data between your sales, marketing/advertising, accounting/bookkeeping, product development and other departments.

Example use-case.

You receive promotional folders, flyers, and video materials from a manufacturer for a new product launch. You need to update your website, Facebook page, YouTube channel, Twitter & Instagram feeds, as well as design an email marketing campaign.

You need a way to track the effectiveness of each component of the campaign so that you know how each platform is performing, and how well each aspect of your campaign is being received.

As the new product begins to sell in your retail and online stores, you need a way to seamlessly merge the data from both sources to enter into your accounting system.

Whether your use-case resembles this example, or is completely different, we can help you with every step, giving you the peace of mind to focus on what matters: making the key decisions within the core of your business.

Industry Software and Proprietary Packages.

We are fluent in hundreds of proprietary software packages. Such software packages are usually designed to manage your company’s workflow and data more efficiently, but these packages are not always tailored specifically to your business needs.

The vast majority of our clients report that they are not entirely satisfied with the way their industry software packages work.

That is where you can count on 24IT at Same Day Computer. We can inferface with your industry software and vendor; importing, exporting, and migrating your data, as well as generating the reports and snapshots you need!

Every business has unique problems and challenges.
Same Day Computer/24IT has unique solutions.

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