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Website & Email Hosting

Robust, reliable hosting to ensure maximum uptime. Plans ranging from very small and simple right through large-scale enterprise level dedicated hosting

Remote Access & Remote Support

Enable select users or your entire organization to access their office computers and office resources such as servers, files, & printers - from any remote location. This technology is ideal for organizations wishing to equip their workforce to work remotely. It also provides your organization with an essential remote support backplane.  Our proprietary systems have been developed to integrate seamlessly with your business to allow your users to operate all of their workstations remotely, as though they were sitting right at their desk - from anywhere they have an internet connection.  Schedule a free call, site visit, and demo to learn how you can get started today!

Cloud Backup

Includes ransomware protection

Ensuring that your business and personal data is backed up to a secure location is essential to maintaining operational continuity. Natural disaster, power & electrical failure, water damage, fire, and even break-in & theft are events that demand contingency planning. Additionally, and of significant importance, we live in the age of sophisticated security attacks. The most threatening among them is "ransomware" whereby perpetrators will infiltrate your IT infrastructure and encrypt your data making it unusable without the "private key" which only they possess. These bad actors demand exorbitant ransom payments to release your data back into your control With a comprehensive offsite cloud-backup strategy in place, you will be guarded against all of the threats and vulnerabilities that could disable your systems and destroy your data.  Schedule a free call, site visit, and demo and protect your organization today! 

VoIP Business Phone Systems

  Modern business phone systems for a fraction of the cost.  With our cloud-hosted voice-over-IP phone systems, your business will enjoy features such as unlimited incoming lines, customized menu system, custom on-hold music, conference calling, remote phones, soft-mobile-phone integration(make your mobile phone a business extension) and so much more.  Best of all, you get to choose your billing model: one low monthly price, or pay for just the minutes you use.  Speak to one of our advisers for a demonstration and to learn how your business can be supercharged with a custom VoIP phone system!

Conferencing & Collaboration

  Empower your entire team with powerful tools to collaborate during this difficult time when so many are working remotely. Text chat, video conferencing, file sharing, workspace collaboration, and online meetings are just a few of the ways the 24IT Technologies can bring your team together.  Schedule a free call, site visit, and demo with one of our consultants to learn more about the best conferencing & team collaboration solution for your business

Point of Sale Solutions

  Our proprietary point of sale solutions make it easy and cost-effective to operate, manage, and scale your business.  Our cloud-hosted & browser-delivered platform allows you to quickly and easily add terminals, checkouts, payment kiosks.  From small single location restaurants, retail, and service establishments all the way up to multi-location chains, 24IT-Technologies can provide you with the perfect point of sale solution for your business.  Schedule a free call, site visit, and demo  with one of our consultants for a free analysis of hour our point-of-sale platform can answer your business needs!

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