Managed Support, Maintenance & Disaster Recovery

Support around the clock.

“…Amazing people and service. I’ve officially made them our IT provider for my business.”

-Amy H, Non-Profit Director

Your business is people.

You staff is what makes your business the family that it is. But your business is also a machine that depends on technology to function at all times so that your staff can perform their critical roles.

Same Day Computer Business Services functions as a dedicated IT support staff and works closely with your team to ensure that their goals are achieved with the help of systems that operate as they should. We are here to support you, to answer your questions, to resolve problems, and to help you craft solutions that run your business better.

We have extensive experience working within business environments of all sizes, and we can anticipate potential problems and proactively resolve them to minimize downtime and losses.

Unfortunately, sometimes there are unexpected interruptions such as hardware failures or system virus infections. For such events, we can respond immediately – any time, around the clock.

Support around the clock.

Onsite & remote service

Save time and hassle with our mobile task force that can address any IT problem. Our technicians are also specially trained to be able to instantly address many problems remotely, right over the internet!

Telephone & online help-desk

Some problems are smaller than others, and can often be resolved right over the phone or through our online help-desk.

Real-time network monitoring

Avoid problems before they start with our around-the-clock network monitoring systems. We can detect and resolve issues before they become problems.

Hardware and software troubleshooting & repair

There’s no computer problem too big or small that our technicians can’t diagnose and resolve.

Database troubleshooting, recovery & repair

Our staff are trained experts at managing databases and resolving critical database & database server problems or errors.

Virus and Ransomware prevention & removal

The best protection against viruses and spyware is good prevention. We can outfit your network and computers with top of the line virus protection and security measures so you can rest easy. We also specialize in root kit removal, network virus removal, and ransom-ware resolutions.

Data recovery & business continuity

Our staff are trained experts who specialize in recovering lost or damaged data from any media or device, even when others say they can’t be recovered. USB Flash Drives, CDs, DVDs, Hard Drives, or even your camera flash card.

We improve the manufacturer’s warranty with same-day service

Don’t wait for your equipment to ship halfway across the world and back. Get back up and running, today!

24-hour Emergency Service

Around the clock, we’re there when you need us the most.

Your very own IT department, a member of your team that is always available and able to solve all of your IT problems.

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