Office Hardware & Network Planning

Business IT starts with a relationship.

Thousands of clients depend on Same Day Computer to provide stable, reliable systems to run their companies every day.

Business IT starts with a relationship.

We all recognize the need for technology systems in the workplace, but determining which systems are exactly what we need requires a thoughtful plan. Our relationship will begin with an initial visit by a Technology Business Consultant. During this visit we will get to you know you and your business through conversation and a series of questions. We will ask you about how you perform certain procedures, request to see various departments and areas of your facility, ask about customs and practices in your industry, and learn the logic of your specific business. We need to understand the moving parts in your operation so we can establish a custom technology plan for you.

The best solutions.

We have a full selection of products and technologies at our disposal to make your business as efficient as it can be. From sharing files and printers between staff members in different parts of the building, to connecting multiple offices and locations together; enabling you and your staff to work remotely, on the road, or even from home.

We have forged long-standing relationships with world-premier suppliers, so we are able to pass that value directly to you.

What can we do for you?

Computers, laptops, tablets, & smartphones

From custom built to order computers for your workstations to servers for your entire operation, we’re can outfit your business with everything you need.


Servers, routers, bridges, switches, cabling, & infrastructure

Don’t have a network yet? No problem! We can setup your business network from start to finish.

Voice over IP office phone systems (VoIP)

Get a professional telephone system that costs a fraction of your phone bill with our voice-over-IP phones. You can even pick your on-hold music!

Wireless systems to provide coverage for small areas up to large distances

Can’t get wifi to every room in your building? Or would you like to work from the picnic table outside? We got you covered.

Data backup strategies and systems: onsite, offsite, & cloud-based

Your data needs a safe place to be stored. Don’t get caught off guard in the event of a fire or computer failure. Make sure you have a backup that is off-site.

Remote Access design & implementation

Work from home or on the road, being able to access your work computer and files gives you the flexibility to travel and get work done.

Multi-location networking. Access your data & files from anywhere.

Emailing between offices can be frustrating, especially with large documents that just won’t go through. Start connecting your offices, as close as next door… as far as anywhere in the world.

Install and integrate proprietary & industry software

Have you ever copied and pasted records into multiple programs because they won’t talk to each other? It’s time to cut out the extra work and integrate your software.

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