Great Northern Equipment

The Challenge

We needed to create an online listing manager with very little overhead. The goal: to give an online listing auction company with a minimal staff the capability and increased capacity to manage a large number of equipment listings. The challenge is to keep these listings organized and maintain current and updating communication with the customer to minimize the number of unnecessary phone calls.

The Solution

We created a 100% custom software solution to accomplish these goals. Our listing manager takes the business logic of the company to determine what the listing fees and percentages would be for each individual listing, calculates it on the fly, and automates a checkout process for the customer, including listing image uploads, listing details, and contact information.

Our solution provided a unique way to stay in contact with customers, sending them the emails with status updates as they take place, and giving them a completely automated system to check the status on their orders. This cuts down on the number of unnecessary phone calls, freeing up time for staff to concentrate on other portions of the business.

Custom Hand-Written Scripts


Website Redesign

Day Turnaround

Amazing Result

Custom Listing Fields

Specialized fields that work with your business logic.

Credit Card & Address Verification

Real-time credit card and address verification keep fraud at bay.

Listing Manager and Gallery Uploader

100% automated to reduce busy work for your employees.

Custom Features

Logo Design

Our logo design services work with you to achieve exactly the results you are looking for. Not happy with an iteration? We’ll go back to the drawing board until you’re satisfied.

100% Custom Scripts

Our scripts are hand-written and built specially to fit your needs, and only your needs. We can bring your business model and logic to life with our custom software and web scripts.

Safe. Secure.

Our staff are experts at writing online tools with security in mind. You can rest easy taking credit cards, personal information, and other sensitive information knowing you’ll be in good hands.

We work with creative minds.