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Modern, cost-effective business phone systems, manned and agentless call-centers, and customized solutions to meet all the communications demands of every business and their customers.

VoIP Business Phone Systems

  Modern business phone systems for a fraction of the cost.  With our cloud-hosted voice-over-IP phone systems, your business will enjoy features such as unlimited incoming lines, customized menu system, custom on-hold music, conference calling, remote phones, soft-mobile-phone integration(make your mobile phone a business extension) and so much more.  Best of all, you get to choose your billing model: one low monthly price, or pay for just the minutes you use.  Speak to one of our advisers for a demonstration and to learn how your business can be supercharged with a custom VoIP phone system!

Call Center Services

Managing incoming call velocity and throughput while maintaining caller satisfaction is both an art and a science. Tempering and balancing automation with live-person interaction is a task that must be evaluated on a case-by-case basis to ensure maximum efficiency, and caller/agent satisfaction. Whether you are a building a call center that you plan to staff with your own team, or if you would like to outsource a team to handle your specific objective, contact us and speak with one of our consultants for a demonstration and plan tailored specifically to your mission! 

Custom Calling Solutions

  If you have a product launch, short term project, or other specialized, specific communication need, the experts at 24IT Technologies are at your service to craft a solution that brings all available technologies together. Contact us today for a free consultation.


  PizzaCaller is our pizza & delivery industry-tailored service offering that uses the power of VoIP to supercharge busy pizza and delivery operations. Traditional telephony solutions limit order taking to the number of incoming lines that are installed at the restaurant. Therefore, all additional calls receive a busy signal or a voice mail. This leads to caller frustration and the parting of patron loyalty. With PizzaCaller, your customers will never hear a busy signal again. All callers will be queued and presented with on-hold advertising that is customized for your business. This engenders upsales that lead to higher average ticket amounts. PizzaCaller is extremely cost-effective and only costs a few cents per caller. For clients with existing Internet at the restaurant, and for a limited time, there is no setup fee to switch to PizzaCaller

Call our demo line at 561-421-4300 to hear a sample of what PizzaCaller might sound like at your restaurant and of course, get in touch to speak with a consultand and get started with PizzaCaller Today.

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